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Design and Develop Prototypes
Bring us your ideas and we will assist in the design and development of a prototype. We have experienced staff and the necessary tools and equipment to design, develop, and build electronic devices.
PC Board Assemblies
We have over 20 years of experience with PC Board assemblies in conformance with IPC-610, Class II and III. We also comply with the RoHS directive.
PT Data loggers
PT Data Loggers are devices that are used to collect and store energy consumption data that are used by building owners / managers to track and manage energy consumption. These loggers have been installed and used in the United States and Canada for at least 10 years.

PT Data LoggersComBee provides a wireless connection from the PTracker to the Data Logger and it allows transmission of data to various locations in a defined area such as building or between buildings in a compound or community.

Sub-metering Devices
We develop, distribute and manufacture the PTracker submetering devices that are used to measure units of energy consumption and can easily interface with energy billing systems. A PTracker unit can have up to 16 meters and it occupies the same amount of space as a one socket based meter.
Custom Cables and Harnesses
We also make cable and harness assemblies in conformance with IPC / WHMA-a-620, Class II and III and with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), File #E200505.
Status Lights
Status Lights are used to monitor stage(s) of machine or equipment operation. It can monitor multiple levels or stages using different light color for the each stage of processing.
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